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Recent Events of Hyderabad 1436-2015

 19th Safar Majlis of Anjuman-e-Masoomeen at Aza Khana-e-Zehra, Hyderabad 1436-2014-15

18th Safar Anjuman-e-Hyderia Majlis From Ibadath Khana-e-Hussaini 1436-2014-15

1st Safar Matam amp; Procession of Alam-e-Mubarak Qila Paltan Ashurkhana 1436-2014-15

2nd Safar Procession of Jhula e Ali Asgher (a.s) Hyderabad, India 1436-2014-15

30th Muharram Anjuman's Matam at Musheerabad Hyderabad 1436-2014-15  

28th Muharram Anjuman-e-Masoomen Matam at Paltan AshurKhana Qila 1436-2014-15  

27th Muharram Anjuman-e-Al Abbas Matam at Qil-e-Golconda Hyderabad 1436-2014-15  

19th Muharram Anjuman's Matam at  Malkajgiri (Maula Ali)  Hyderabad 1436-2014-15

10th Muharram Procession of Juloos-e-Ashura Hyderabad, India 1436-2014-15  

9th Muharram Anjuman's Matam at Bibi Ka Alawa Hyderabad 1436-2014-15    

8th Muharram Anjuman's Matam at Bargah Hazrat Abbas (a.s) Hyderabad 1436-2014-15  

8th Muharram Anjuman-e-Kazmi Juloos of  Hussaini Kothi, Hyderabad 1436-2014-15

 7th Muharram Mehndi Majlis of Hazrat-e-Qasim (a.s)  Pari Mahal, Yakutpura, Hyderabad 1

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